Customers and Partners

Betabug Sirius is active with customers and partners in Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Spain, and elsewhere.

"Betabug Sirius built for us a prototype for an online learning system. They designed it, starting from a rough idea, and built it out to a full system. We were especially impressed with the short development cycles, which allowed us to see results every 2 to 3 weeks and give feedback based on what we got in our hands. At a very early stage of development we were already able to use the system and build up our course material.

What also moved us forward a lot is the way Sascha Welter employs his own thinking in sync with ours, he can grasp an idea very quickly and takes that idea into the greater context. This allowed us to accomplish things together that otherwise wouldn't have been possible!"

-- Umberto Saxer (Umberto Saxer Training AG)

"Sascha has consistently been a productive, insightful and energetic contributor, and terrific to work with. Hire him!"

-- Simon Michael (consultant and free software developer at Joyful Systems)

"When it comes to clearness and excellence in writing software, Sascha Welter is your man. His background in different programming languages and his experience building software for multiple business sectors will get you the results you need for your project.

Mr. Welter has been helping us at codigo23 developing high-quality python-based webapps, working with optimization and migrations of online systems and much more."

-- Francisco de Borja Lopez Rio (Soluciones Informaticas Codigo23 S.L.U.)